Quality begins on schist soils and vines, cared and respected throughout the year. The varieties were planted in two phases. In the first phase, we planted National Touriga (42%) and Syrah (18%) and in a the second phase, about four years after the first : Cabernet Sauvignon (24%) , Petit Verdot (16%) and white grapes - Antão Vaz (22%), Chardonnay (8%), Viognier (30%), Verdelho (15%) and Riesling (15%).


All grapes are harvested by hand, selected in the cellar entrance, in a selection table, and the vinification takes place at a very controlled temperatures. As a rule, the reds are dressing 20-30 days and matured at least 9 months in barrels selected to obtain the desired profile for the wines.
With a distinctive profile of the majority of the wine brands from the Alentejo region, an alliance between tradition of the Alentejo traits and the modern oenology, the wines from Arrepiado makes a difference, in its bold profile top quality.